2014 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 7 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameIt was an ideal night for golf at Madison Country Club and Steve Blackburn Jr. took advantage of it.

The course and greens were in great condition and Blackburn Jr., last years champion, climbed his way to the top of the 2014 Leaderboard with 3 skins on the night.

Blackburn Jr. had 3 birdies, starting with a 5-foot birdie putt on the 415-yard par four 2nd hole.

He then birdied the 157-yard par three 4th hole from 15-feet, and the 422-yard par four 7th hole from 20 feet.

Dave Sotka had the only other skin on the night by making birdie on the 394-yard 5th hole.

Skins paid $86.25 each.

Pin shot winners were Bill Spear on the 4th hole for $45 and Mark Foss with the Mulligan’s Pin Shot on the 217-yard par three 9th hole.

The Skins Game moves to Legend Lakes next Thursday with a 5pm start.


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Steve Blackburn Jr$582.555$479.552$103.00
Dan Predovic$469.001$299.003$170.00
Brian Perkins$462.403$399.401$63.00
Mark Borlin$322.404$322.400$0.00
Dave Sotka$235.552$169.051$66.50
John Niedzialek$217.501$217.500$0.00
Allen Freeman$192.001$138.001$54.00
Colby Decapua$145.801$82.801$63.00
Steve Blackburn Sr$138.001$138.000$0.00
Nick Anagnost$103.501$103.500$0.00
Chris Horne$78.401$78.400$0.00
Erron Gomez$78.401$78.400$0.00
Joey DiDonato$72.000$0.001$72.00
Brian Pentek$66.500$0.001$66.50
Mark Foss$60.000$0.001$60.00
Bill Spear$45.000$0.001$45.00
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