2014 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 26 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameA trip out to Little Mountain Country Club paid dividends for season leader Stave Blackburn Jr.: he birdied the 373-yard 15th hole for a skin, grabbed the Mulligan’s pin shot on the 150-yard 14th hole, and his par on the 481-yard par four 18th hole held up for a skin.

Skins paid $57.50 each and the Mulligan’s pin shot paid $40.

Other skin winners were “Par-3 Bill Spear” with a skin on the 125-yard 12th hole with a birdie, and Phil Bojc with a birdie on the 370-yard par four 11th hole.

Dave Sotka had the pin shot on the 12th hole worth $30.

Next week the Thompson Cup will be presented to the 2014 Greater Cleveland Skins Game Champion and awards will be distributed to players. The Annual Champagne Toast will also be made with Steve Blackburn Jr. offering up the bubbly this year.

Also the winner of the Mulligan’s Cup will be determined next week, and the top 10 finishers awarded their prize funds. Next week will also be a “Double Down Event” were the entry will be $60. Please note next week’s event is at Fowlers Mill starting at 4pm and players must have participated in 6 or more events during the year to play.

A special thank you to all the courses offering play to the Greater Cleveland Skins Game this year, many at a reduced rate. Thanks also to those courses donating green fee gifts for next week’s award ceremony.


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Steve Blackburn Jr$2,524.6417$2,066.648$458.00
Dave Sotka$805.467$584.964$220.50
Dan Predovic$714.332$544.333$170.00
John Niedzialek$653.054$501.553$151.50
Steve Blackburn Sr$650.003$598.001$52.00
Brian Perkins$642.403$399.403$243.00
Mark Foss$610.265$449.263$161.00
Phil Bojc$609.866$574.861$35.00
Mike Angie$480.662$352.661$128.00
Mark Borlin$472.405$437.401$35.00
Jerry Miller$470.853$404.351$66.50
Rob Schustrich$463.832$463.83
Mark Whitsitt$425.501$264.502$161.00
Bill Spear$399.002$218.504$180.50
Nick Anagnost$322.002$322.00
Mike Richey$265.831$199.331$66.50
Jarrod Dixon$263.204$230.201$33.00
Erron Gomez$254.152$187.651$66.50
Joey DiDonato$245.752$173.751$72.00
Scott Neill$199.331$199.33
Allen Freeman$192.001$138.001$54.00
Jay Walter$187.251$109.251$78.00
Mark White$180.661$145.661$35.00
Chris Horne$174.401$78.401$96.00
Chris Delaney$156.331$107.331$49.00
Colby Decapua$145.801$82.801$63.00
Alan Alford$133.002$133.00
Bob Karshner$87.002$87.00
Brian Pentek$66.501$66.50
Tom Evans$66.501$66.50
John Schmidt$64.501$64.50
Geoff Nicely$59.801$59.80
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