2014 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 25 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameIt was a small field at Powderhorn Golf Course in Madison under ideal weather conditions. Even though the greens were recently aerified, that did not stop Dave Sotka from Chardon from making 5 birdies in 9 holes!

Three of those birdies held up for skins: the 422-yard 11th hole, the 378-yard 12th hole, and the 167-yard 14th hole. Sotka’s three-skin night earned him $155.25 and moved him into second position on the Leaderboard.

Mark Foss won the only other skin with a birdie on the 165-yard par three 17th hole, good for $51.75.

Bill Spear grabbed the pin shot on the 14th hole worth $27.00, and John Niedzialek took home the Mulligan’s pin shot on the 17th hole worth $36.00.

Season leader Steve Blackburn Jr. may have been overwhelmed by his new playing partners on the night and was shut-out.

A schedule change has been made with the Greater Cleveland Skins Game traveling to Little Mountain next week with a $20.00 green fee rate. Only 2 more weeks left in the season!!



PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Steve Blackburn Jr$2,369.6415$1,951.647$418.00
Dave Sotka$775.467$584.963$190.50
Dan Predovic$714.332$544.333$170.00
John Niedzialek$653.054$501.553$151.50
Steve Blackburn Sr$650.003$598.001$52.00
Brian Perkins$642.403$399.403$243.00
Mark Foss$610.265$449.263$161.00
Phil Bojc$552.365$517.361$35.00
Mike Angie$480.662$352.661$128.00
Mark Borlin$472.405$437.401$35.00
Jerry Miller$470.853$404.351$66.50
Rob Schustrich$463.832$463.83
Mark Whitsitt$425.501$264.502$161.00
Bill Spear$341.501$161.004$180.50
Nick Anagnost$322.002$322.00
Mike Richey$265.831$199.331$66.50
Jarrod Dixon$263.204$230.201$33.00
Erron Gomez$254.152$187.651$66.50
Joey DiDonato$245.752$173.751$72.00
Scott Neill$199.331$199.33
Allen Freeman$192.001$138.001$54.00
Jay Walter$187.251$109.251$78.00
Mark White$180.661$145.661$35.00
Chris Horne$174.401$78.401$96.00
Chris Delaney$156.331$107.331$49.00
Colby Decapua$145.801$82.801$63.00
Alan Alford$133.002$133.00
Bob Karshner$87.002$87.00
Brian Pentek$66.501$66.50
Tom Evans$66.501$66.50
John Schmidt$64.501$64.50
Geoff Nicely$59.801$59.80
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