2014 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 19 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameThe course was soggy along the lakeshore as fourteen players participated at Erie Shores in Madison. Five skins were out on the night.

Steve Blackburn Jr. continued his relentless effort to gain yet another Thompson Cup. Blackburn Jr. captured two more pin shots making it four in a row going back to last week, His Mulligans Pin Shot on the 205-yard 12th hole paid $56 and his pin shot on the 180-yard 6th hole paid $42. Blackburn Jr. also cashed in on a skin with a birdie on the 540-yard par five 13th hole. Skins paid $64.50 each.

However, Jarrod Dixon of Ashtabula stole the show by making two eagles for skins with phenomenal shots. Dixon hit his second shot to 6 feet on the 480-yard par 5 15th hole and made the putt for eagle and then he hit his tee shot on the 280-yard par four 17th hole to 6 inches from the cup for his other eagle!!

Joey DiDonato also cashed with a skin with a birdie on the par four 11th hole and newcomer John Schmidt of Madison cashed with a birdie skin on the 380 yard par four 10th hole.

Next week, the Skins Game moves to Fowlers Mill for a 5 pm start. And look for the entry forms and deadline soon for the 2014 Greater Cleveland Shoot-out to be held on Labor Day!


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Steve Blackburn Jr$2,268.4413$1,850.447$418.00
Dan Predovic$714.332$544.333$170.00
Brian Perkins$642.403$399.403$243.00
Dave Sotka$564.214$429.712$134.50
Steve Blackburn Sr$489.002$437.001$52.00
Rob Schustrich$463.832$463.83
John Niedzialek$453.053$386.551$66.50
Mark Whitsitt$425.501$264.502$161.00
Gerald Miller$394.252$327.751$66.50
Mike Angie$373.331$245.331$128.00
Phil Bojc$364.163$364.16
Mark Foss$356.582$239.582$117.00
Mark Borlin$322.404$322.40
Nick Anagnost$322.002$322.00
Mike Richey$265.831$199.331$66.50
Erron Gomez$254.152$187.651$66.50
Joey DiDonato$245.752$173.751$72.00
Scott Neill$199.331$199.33
Allen Freeman$192.001$138.001$54.00
Jay Walter$187.251$109.251$78.00
Chris Horne$174.401$78.401$96.00
Colby Decapua$145.801$82.801$63.00
Mark White$145.661$145.66
Alan Alford$133.002$133.00
Jarrod Dixon$129.002$129.00
Bill Spear$111.502$111.50
Brian Pentek$66.501$66.50
Tom Evans$66.501$66.50
John Schmidt$64.501$64.50
Geoff Nicely$59.801$59.80
Bob Karshner$52.001$52.00
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