2014 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 13 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueIt was Steak & Cash Night in the 2014 Chippewa Scratch League, and season leaders Mike Simpson and Jim Krivanek continued their winning ways.

The format was three holes each of 2-man scramble, better ball and aggregate. Simpson and Krivanek won scorecard playoffs over Jeff Mallette and Mike Kracker in both the better ball and overall segments, plus made a skin with a birdie on the fifth hole. That performance extends their lead on the 2014 League Standings list.

Mallette and Kracker won the aggregate set of three holes and finished second overall, while Chris Okeson and Rob Schustrich had a good night as well, winning the scramble session and nabbing a skin.

Complete results below. And the steaks from Bernie Chupek‘s shop were delicious.

2014 Chippewa Scratch League Week 13 Results: 3/3/3 Front Nine
Scramble: Okeson/Schustrich- 9 (-3) $50
Better Ball: Krivanek/Simpson- 9 (-2) won SC Playoff against Mallette/Kracker $50
Combined: Mallette/Kracker- 23 (-1) won SC Playoff against Merrow/VanNostram $50

1st- Simpson/Krivanek- 43 (-4) won SC Playoff against Mallette/Kracker $100
2nd- Mallette/Kracker- 43 (-4) lost SC Playoff against Simpson/Krivanek $50

Diebold/Bishop- Eagle on #1 $100
Okeson/Schustrich- Birdie on #2 $100
Thomas/Marr- Birdie on #4 $100
Simpson/Krivanek- Birdie on #5 $100

20 Teams Total

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