2013 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 8 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameIt was a foggy, gloomy, and rainy night at Fowlers Mill Golf Course in Chesterland on Week 8 Thursday for the first “Double Down” event of the year, with double entry fees.

Three skins were won on the evening, with two won by the brand new leader in the race to the Thompson Cup — by a whopping 13 CENTS!.

Only 10 players participated, but Steve Blackburn Jr. had his way with the course, making four birdies and shooting a 32 on the difficult Lake Nine at Fowlers.

Blackburn Jr. came right out of the box on the 450-yard par-four 1st hole, hitting a 6 iron to six feet and making his first birdie skin of the night.

He followed it up with a birdie on the long par-four signature fourth hole for a skin, and topped off the evening with a pin shot on the 7th hole, making the putt there to tie-off one other birdie.

Blackburn Jr.’s two skins paid $153.33 each and his pin shot paid $70.

Blackburn’s big haul on the night put him just ahead of early-season leader Chris Horne, who won the other skin earned on the night: Horne made a great eagle-3 on the par-five 5th hole, hitting 3 wood – 3 wood to six feet and canning the putt! Horne now sits in second position.

The other pin shot winner was Phil Bojc on the 200-yard par three 3rd hole, good for $70.

Blackburn Jr. now has his sights on a fifth Thompson Cup, with the season at the one-third mark!

Next week Thursday, June 13, the Skins Game moves to Quail Hollow Country Club (Devlin Course) with a 4:30 pm start.


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Steve Blackburn Jr$645.664$542.662$103.00
Chris Horne$645.533$645.53
Dave Sotka$506.914$410.412$96.50
Brian Perkins$333.702$210.702$123.00
Sam Corabi$279.452$187.451$92.00
Steve Blackburn Sr$207.002$207.00
Dan Predovic$204.251$109.252$95.00
Mike Angie$195.501$103.502$92.00
Phil Bojc$148.201$78.201$70.00
Lonnie Kammer$141.002$141.00
Eddie Neer$132.501$132.50
Allen Freeman$109.251$109.25
Mark Foss$84.331$84.33
Pat Tyrell$78.201$78.20
John Zook$68.001$68.00
Nick Anagnost$54.001$54.00
Brian Pentek$52.501$52.50
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