2013 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 17 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameTwelve players braved the rain delay at Punderson Golf Course in Newbury on Thursday.

The course may have been soaked, but the birdies were flying: every hole was birdied at least once!

Four skins were out on the night and paid $69 each.

Dave Sotka got the night started with a birdie skin on the 380 yard par-four 1st hole, and that skin jumps him into second position on the 2013 Leaderboard.

Joey DiDonato came within inches of acing the 172-yard par three 7th hole and grabbed a skin and a pin shot there. His pin shot paid $36.

Steve Blackburn Jr. birdied the 400-yard par four signature 8th hole on the course for a skin, adding to his leading total on the season.

And Mark Foss capped the evening with the Mulligan’s Pin Shot (worth $48) and a birdie skin from 8 feet on the 183-yard par-three 9th hole.

Good luck to all of the Greater Cleveland Skins Game players that qualified for this weekend’s Cleveland Amateur at Sleepy Hollow!

Next week Thursday, the Skins Game moves to Manikiki Golf Course in Willoughby Hills for a “Double Down Event” starting at 5pm. Please note in opder to play in this special event where the stakes are doubled, you must have participated in four or more Skins Game events this year.


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Steve Blackburn Jr$1,189.659$1,086.652$103.00
Dave Sotka$770.916$594.413$176.50
Chris Horne$705.533$645.531$60.00
Sam Corabi$639.453$463.452$176.00
Mike Angie$615.502$379.505$236.00
Phil Bojc$401.533$292.532$109.00
Brian Perkins$378.702$210.703$168.00
Louis Sliwiak$374.833$325.831$49.00
Joey DiDonato$360.003$264.502$95.50
Mark Foss$281.833$233.831$48.00
Steve Blackburn Sr$275.002$207.001$68.00
Chris Plute$260.662$260.66
Eddie Neer$247.502$247.50
Dan Predovic$204.251$109.252$95.00
Nick Anagnost$184.331$130.331$54.00
Lonnie Kammer$141.002$141.00
Bob Cline$115.001$115.00
Allen Freeman$109.251$109.25
Ron Miller$100.002$100.00
Rob Schustrich$99.331$99.33
Mark Borlin$80.501$80.50
Pat Tyrell$78.201$78.20
John Zook$68.001$68.00
Brandon Fouts$59.501$59.50
Brian Pentek$52.501$52.50
John Niedzialek$52.001$52.00
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