Top 10 Stories in 2012 from Northeast Ohio Golf

2012 Northeast Ohio Golf Tournament Champions
Did any of these 2012 tournament winners have the Q-rating to earn ‘Most Read Story’ too?

What stories were the most interesting to Northeast Ohio Golf readers in 2012? Which tournaments and results generated the greatest number of readers, from #10 down to #1? Well, let’s check em out…

…in reverse order, of course, just like when any big time announcement is made!

Drum roll, please:
Most Read Story #10: 2012 U.S. Mid-Am Qualifier Results

Most Read Story #9: 2012 Stark County Am Results

Most Read Story #8: 2012 Ohio Public Links Championship Results

Most Read Story #7: Drama Throughout at 2012 Portage County Am

Most Read Story #6: Local Players Make PGA Tour Q-School Run

Most Read Story #5: Live Scoring from the 2012 Ohio Amateur

Most Read Story #4: U.S. Amateur Local Qualifying

Most Read Story #3: 2012 Summit County Amateur Photo Gallery

Most Read Story #2: Malette Captures NEOAm, Brick Wins Senior NEOAm

…and the #1 Most Read Story of 2012 — with 2,100 unique readers — was:

Most Read Story #1: Justin Lower Captures 2012 Ohio Open in Playoff


Okay, a little bit of a disclaimer. The way some of the stories were posted to the website had an influence on the number of total readers. Of course, each reader only gets counted once (multiple visits to the same story don’t count multiple times), but there is still an apples v. oranges thing going on.

For example, the same ‘page’ was used for posting the daily results from all three rounds of the Ohio Open, while the 2012 Summit County Amateur Final Results (ranked #11 in total readers) and the 2012 Cleveland Am Final Results (ranked #12) had separate pages for the daily results from each round.

So if the readers for all rounds from those two events were totaled together, the Summit County Am would rank #4 and the Cleveland Am would rank #6 for 2012. But some of them might be the same people, so adding them together isn’t quite correct, either. Meaning there’s something to be debated there…

Oh, and by the way, the champions photos introducing this story are, from left to right: Richie Schembechler (Summit County Am), Nick Palladino (Cleveland Am), Don Padgett III (ADGA GOY), Nathan Tarter (Chippewa Championship), and Dave Sotka (Cleveland Metroparks Golf POY).

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