2012 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 5 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameTanglewood National Golf Club hosted the Greater Cleveland Skins Game Thursday night, but not a skin was won.

Birdies were made on three of the nine holes, but each of those holes was tied out.

Six holes were open with no birdies made — including the two par-five holes.

The only winners on the night were the two pin shot winners.

Steve Blackburne Jr. was the Mulligan’s pin shot winner on the 220-yard par-3 13th hole and won $60.

Bob Karshner grabbed the other pin shot on the 16th hole worth $45.

$23 was returned to each player for the skins game portion.

Mark Borlin still holds the top spot on the 2012 Leaderboard as the Greater Cleveland Skins Game heads to Week 6, which will be held at Legend Lakes Country Club in Chardon next Thursday starting at 5 pm.


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Mark Borlin$529.001$529.00
Carl Quercioli$482.001$482.00
Dan Predovic$338.331$222.331$116.00
Nick Anagnost$286.732$286.73
Steve Blackburn Jr$272.401$64.403$208.00
John Niedzialek$222.331$222.33
Erron Gomez$148.401$64.401$84.00
Bob Karshner$132.002$132.00
Phil Bojc$106.401$64.401$42.00
Steve Blackburn Sr$69.001$69.00
Mike Angie$64.401$64.40
Geoff Nicely$63.001$63.00
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