2012 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 2.1 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueWith the pressure of a double prize amount riding on the outcome after last week’s rain-out, and the challenging combined-aggregate-score format being played on the back nine, no team in the field really stepped up and grabbed victory by the throat in Week 2.1 of the Chippewa Monday Night Scratch League.

With almost no wind and relatively straight-forward hole locations, a 2-over par aggregate team score of 74 was all it took to get the job done and tie for first place on the evening.

Yes the rough was a bit thick, and yes the greens still aren’t 100%, but the course was there for the taking.

The teams of Dave Oates / Nick Lambos and Rick Bryson / Ryan Maxwell played well enough to take advantage of the opportunity,tying for first place on the evening to get their names well up on to the 2012 League Standings list.

Three skins were won from the $1,000 pot; one of those skins was earned by the Bryson/Maxwell team, making them the big winners on the evening!

2012 CHIPPEWA SCRATCH LEAGUE: Week 2 May 14 – Aggregate Back 9
T1 – Oates – Lambos 74 GCs-TBA $240.00 PP
T1 – Bryson – Maxwell 74 GCs-TBA $240.00 PP
3rd – Mallette – Kracker 75 GCs-TBA

Helaney – Berkheimer #11 (7) $333.00
Bryson – Maxwell #12 (5) $333.00
Skorman – Stephen #16 (7) $333.00

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