2012 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 18 Results and Final League Standings

Chippewa Golf Club

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueThe final event of the 2012 Chippewa Scratch League season was played on Monday under clear skies, breezy conditions, and on a golf course that was in great shape with incredibly smooth and fast greens.

Dave Oates and Sam SpinoWhile no last minute heroics by the team of Rick Bryson and Ryan Maxwell supplanted Dave Oates and Sam Spino (pictured at the right) from winning the 2012 League Standings (congratulations to Dave and Sam!), that didn’t stop two teams from cleaning up on the evening and greatly improving their season’s position.

The teams of Chris Okeson / Rob Schustrich and Shane Bishop / Ken Koprivec seemed to think that the final event of the season was a good one to ‘pig up’, maybe because of the pork feast graciously hosted after golf. Those four players took home most of the pots that were in play on the evening, leaving just a few scraps for the rest of the field.

From all of the available prize amounts detailed for the evening’s events below (overall, individual 3-hole sessions, and the two skins pots), the teams of Okeson / Shustrich and Bishop / Koprivec each pulled $798 per team from the total, vaulting both teams into the top 10 on the final season standings and boosting Bishop and Koprivec into the four-figure mark for the year.

The Final 2012 Chippewa Scratch League Season Standings are posted below. Note that the season-long sum of gift certificates and optional side games totaled $20K, and that six players finished with total winnings in the four figures!

Thanks once again to Chippewa Golf Club owner Kevin Larizza and League Manager and Chippewa staffer Eric McKinney for running one of the best competitive scratch golf leagues in the state. Week-to-week, the golf course conditions are phenomenal and the administration of the events is flawless.

The players all look forward to competing again at Chippewa on Monday evenings in 2013, and the league always welcomes any new 2-man teams who wish to join.

Kevin also reminds players that while the weather remains nice, the noon $50 Big Skins Game and a 9-hole league-time skins game with other team event options will still be held. Simply show up to play for as long as the weather holds!


2012 Chippewa Scratch League Week 18, Sept 24: Jumble – Front 9
Holes 1/2/3 Scramble – 4/5/6 Shamble – 7/8/9 Alternate Shot

T. Stiller – Grosso 45 $ 66.00 $ 66.00
Bishop – Koprivec 45 $ 66.00 $ 66.00
Okeson – Schustrich 45 $ 66.00 $ 66.00

Holes 1/2/3 Scramble – Par 12
Bishop – Koprivec 9 $ 33.00
Okeson – Schustrich 9 $ 33.00
Dean – Dean 9 $ 33.00

Holes 4/5/6 Shamble – Par 22
T. Stiller – Grosso 22 $ 50.00
Simpson – DeRemer 22 $ 50.00

Holes 7/8/9 Alternate Shot – Par 12
Bishop – Koprivec 11 $ 50.00
Okeson – Schustrich 11 $ 50.00
Dean – Dean #6 (4) $133.00
Okeson – Schustrich #7 (3) $133.00
Bishop – Koprivec #8 (3) $133.00

Bonus $50 Skins Game:
Bishop – Koprivec #6 (4) $450.00
Okeson – Schustrich #7 (3) $450.00



PosPLAYERGift CertsSide PotsSkins$ NightsTOTAL
1Dave Oates$567.50$505.00$352.50$1,425.00
2Sam Spino$592.50$385.00$237.50$1,215.00
3Rick Bryson$387.50$426.50$206.50$58.00$1,078.50
4Ryan Maxwell$387.50$426.50$206.50$58.00$1,078.50
5Shane Bishop$108.35$68.00$786.50$74.50$1,037.35
6Kenny Koprivec$78.35$68.00$786.50$74.50$1,007.35
7Mark Thomas$304.34$194.00$222.50$58.00$778.84
8Chris Okeson$43.75$59.50$534.00$74.50$711.75
9Rob Schustrich$43.75$59.50$534.00$74.50$711.75
10Quinn Parker$125.00$141.50$318.25$58.00$642.75
11Jeff Mallette$187.50$42.50$365.00$595.00
12Mike Kracker$187.50$42.50$365.00$595.00
13Mike Simpson$143.75$151.50$186.50$50.00$531.75
14Chuck DeRemer$143.75$151.50$186.50$50.00$531.75
15Al Freeman$258.50$125.00$42.50$426.00
16Ty Kovach$258.50$125.00$42.50$426.00
17Russ Rybka$367.50$367.50
18Drew Thompson$367.50$367.50
19Mike Armour$133.50$85.00$120.00$338.50
20Jason Chadima$133.50$85.00$120.00$338.50
21Chris Helaney$25.00$281.50$306.50
22D. Berkheimer$25.00$281.50$306.50
23Jimmy Krivanek$112.50$86.50$42.50$58.00$299.50
24Howard Weaver$95.84$35.00$161.00$291.84
25John Kabasky$95.84$35.00$161.00$291.84
26Corey Leedy$100.00$110.00$73.25$283.25
27John Lenton$242.50$242.50
28Mike Heim$242.50$242.50
29Tim Cebula$116.85$65.00$40.00$221.85
30Jeff Dean$186.50$16.50$203.00
31Dave Trier$68.75$26.50$105.00$200.25
32Nick Lambos$75.00$120.00$195.00
33John Clark$31.50$105.00$58.00$194.50
34Jim Cea$50.00$128.25$178.25
35Tom Seever$50.00$128.25$178.25
36Mike Stiller$112.50$55.00$167.50
37Jeff Leonard$112.50$55.00$167.50
38Randy Skorman$166.50$166.50
39Patrick Stephen$166.50$166.50
40Jim Grosso$43.75$59.50$59.00$162.25
41Tom Stiller$43.75$59.50$58.00$161.25
42Tom Markham$25.00$105.00$130.00
43Troy Schonover$120.00$120.00
44Kurt Peterson$75.00$42.50$117.50
45Joe Nemeth$115.00$115.00
46Bruce Dean$66.50$16.50$83.00
47Bobby Spino$75.00$75.00
48Doug Rockich$43.75$26.50$70.25
49Dave Archer$62.50$62.50
50Mike Riley$62.50$62.50
51Don Olney$55.00$55.00
52Brad Stewart$55.00$55.00
53Dan Marr$50.00$50.00
54Tyler Light$25.00$25.00
55Bob Beck$12.50$12.50
56Ed Diebold$12.50$12.50
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