2012 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 17 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueMany of the hole locations on the back nine at Chippewa were set to ‘championship’ spots on Monday, so there were plenty of run-offs and chip-backs in the already difficult aggregate stroke play format (combined scores of two players).

Included in that setup was the par-3 12th hole, with the hole cut to the right side and ‘in the slot’, making it easy to putt off the green.

But the winners of Week 17’s play skipped all that nonsense: they both made birdie there for an amazing aggregate score of 4 on the hole, on their way to a two-shot victory and a skin.

And with that effort, the team of Rick Bryson and Ryan Maxwell are making a last-minute run at overtaking the season-long leaders.

Bryson and Maxwell’s double-birdie skin and 2-over par score of 74 on Monday boosted them into the four-figure mark in the season’s standings, setting up a real showdown in the final week of the year next Monday.

That showdown didn’t seem possible even just a couple of weeks ago, as teammates Dave Oates and Sam Spino have led by a signicant number nearly all season.

But Bryson and Maxwell now trail leader Oates by just $347 and Spino by just $137.

A bit like last year’s final session comeback by John Kabasky and Howard Weaver, the 2012 final event could be another big comeback story.

That final round of the 2012 Chippewa Scratch League season will be played this coming Monday, September 24th at Chippewa (Rosemont just aerated and Chippewa is in great shape). And according to Kevin Larizza, the final format will be, ‘Food night and cash night — with a twist!” Should be interesting…

2012 Chippewa Scratch League Week 17, Sept 17th: Combined Score Back 9
1st – Bryson – Maxwell 74 $200.00 GC $150.00 CP
T2nd – B.Spino – S. Spino 76 $ 50.00 GC
T2nd – Koprivec – Bishop 76 $ 50.00 GC
T2nd – Markham – Trier 76 $ 50.00 GC

Bryson – Maxwell #12 4 $ 80.00
Mallette – Kracker #14 7 $ 80.00
Thomas – Cebula #16 7 $ 80.00
Koprivec – Bishop #18 7 $ 80.00

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    September 19, 2012

    I hope the I.R.S. is taking note of the Skins and tournament income.

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