2011 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 8 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameIt was “Double Down Thursday” at Tanglewood National Golf Club in Bainbridge (i.e. double the standard entry fees), and it took a senior player to show the youngsters how to step up when the big money is on the line.

Carl “Unc” Quercioli put his fingers into both pots, earning a skin with a birdie on the 400-yard par four 9th hole and the Mulligan’s pin shot on the 238-yard par three 7th hole worth $168. Unc walked away with whopping $409.50 on the night, vaulting him from ‘not on the leaderboard’ into fourth place in the chase for the Thompson Cup!

There were four skins won on the evening in total, paying $241.50 each.

Joe Ignat eagled the par-5 4th hole, knocking in a 20-foot putt for his skin.

Mark Borlin made a sweeping 20-foot putt on the difficult downhill, tree-lined par-4 sixth hole.

And Phil Bojc grabbed the third skin by holing out from the bunker on the long par-3 seventh hole.

Mark White took the other pin shot of the evening on the uphill 165-yard par-3 third hole, hitting it to six feet to earn $126.

Dan Predovic still holds the lead by over $200 in the season-long race for the Thompson Cup after his big haul last week, while Mark Borlin slides into second place.

Next week, the Greater Cleveland Skins Game moves to Powderhorn Golf Course in Madison starting at 5 pm. The course is in great shape and the green fees with cart will be just $13!


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Dan Predovic$712.235$712.23
Mark Borlin$491.502$425.501$66.00
Dave Sotka$445.733$401.731$44.00
Carl Quercioli$409.501$241.501$189.00
Joe Ignat$329.001$241.501$87.50
Mark White$294.661$168.661$105.00
Joe Zabukovec$267.952$267.95
Phil Bojc$241.501$241.50
Paul Kish$228.001$184.001$44.00
Mark Foss$209.401$41.402$168.00
Steve Blackburn Jr$188.102$165.601$22.50
Erron Gomez$182.002$182.00
Danny Marinelli$176.331$176.33
Rob Schustrich$168.661$168.66
John Niedzialek$168.661$168.66
Xiao Di$161.001$161.00
Joey DiDonato$143.751$143.75
Bob Karshner$124.201$124.20
Allen Freeman$94.501$94.50
Steve Blackburn Sr$41.401$41.40
Geoff Nicely$41.401$41.40
Mike Angie$40.501$40.50
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