2011 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 5 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameThe Devlin Course at Quail Hollow Golf Club played tough Thursday evening, with rough as long and as wet as it could be.

But the 22 players who competed still made their share of birdies: only one hole of the nine was left without a birdie.

Rob Schustrich made his first appearance of the year to the Greater Cleveland Skins Game worthwhile, as he birdied the 550-yard par-5 third hole for a skin.

Mark White grabbed his first skin ever by making a 12-foot putt for a birdie skin on the 203-yard par-3 6th hole.

And John Niedzialek of Concord capped off the night by chipping in on the 205-yard par-3 ninth hole for a birdie skin. Skins were worth $168.66 each.

Dave Sotka grabbed the pin shot on the par-3 4th hole, and Paul Kish took the pin shot on the 9th. Those pin shots were worth $44.00 each. Mark Borlin was the Mulligan’s pin shot winner on the difficult 6th hole and won $66.00.

Dan Predovic of Berea still holds onto a $20 lead over Dave Sotka of Chardon in hopes of capturing his first Thompson Cup.

The Greater Cleveland Skins Game plays next Thursday at Madison Country Club beginning at 5 p.m.

2011 Greater Cleveland Skins Game Updated Leaderboard

PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Dan Predovic$424.733$424.73
Dave Sotka$404.332$360.331$44.00
Mark Borlin$250.001$184.001$66.00
Paul Kish$228.001$184.001$44.00
Danny Marinelli$176.331$176.33
Rob Schustrich$168.661$168.66
John Niedzialek$168.661$168.66
Mark White$168.661$168.66
Mark Foss$168.002$168.00
Xiao Di$161.001$161.00
Steve Blackburn Jr$124.201$124.20
Joe Zabukovec$124.201$124.20
Bob Karshner$124.201$124.20
Erron Gomez$94.501$94.50
Allen Freeman$94.501$94.50


  1. Avatar
    May 21, 2011

    “Oh Deer … !!!”

  2. Avatar
    May 20, 2011

    Had a bittersweet evening, win a skin for 168.00 and then hit a deer on the way home and put my car in the shop.

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