2011 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 21 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameThe Greater Cleveland Skins Game made its way to Manikiki Golf Course in Willoughby Hills for the first time ever on Thursday, and Steve Blackburn Jr. found the course to his liking.

On yet another rainy Thursday, Blackburn Jr. birdied both the par-four 10th hole and the par-four 17th hole for two skins on the night.

Blackburne Jr. carved out a smooth 67 on the night after playing the front nine as well.

Geoff Nicely, the “most experienced” senior participant in the Greater Cleveland Skins Game, showed the youngsters how to make an eagle skin on the par five 12th hole with a ten foot putt for the third skin on the night. (To correct a previous article, Geoff Nicely was the first senior player ever to break the $1,000 mark last year in the Greater Cleveland Skins Game, a feat also accomplished by Carl Quercioli this season.)

Phil Bojc grabbed the last skin on the night with a “double dip” on the 205-yard par-three 15th hole, taking home the pin shot and making the 20-foot putt for a birdie skin.

Mark White claimed the pin shot on the par-three 11th hole.

Skins were worth $74.75 on the night and pin shots paid $45.50 each.

Dave Sotka still holds onto the top spot by about $250 on the 2011 Leaderboard as we reach the final turn of the season in chase of the Thompson Cup!

Next week, the Greater Cleveland Skins Game moves to Wicked Woods in Newbury with play starting at 4:30 pm.


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Dave Sotka$1,573.228$1,322.224$251.00
Dan Predovic$1,318.348$1,033.844$284.50
Carl Quercioli$1,063.413$599.915$463.50
Mark White$880.163$708.662$171.50
Steve Blackburn Jr$785.218$762.711$22.50
Mike Angie$629.403$374.905$254.50
Joe Ignat$513.002$425.501$87.50
Mark Borlin$491.502$425.501$66.00
Phil Bojc$477.253$431.751$45.50
Mark Foss$470.062$302.062$168.00
John Niedzialek$428.322$314.322$114.00
Steve Blackburn Sr$409.403$409.40
Joe Zabukovec$329.952$267.951$62.00
Erron Gomez$327.005$327.00
Joey DiDonato$302.952$221.952$81.00
Brian Perkins$278.001$230.001$48.00
Paul Kish$266.001$184.002$82.00
Geoff Nicely$265.653$265.65
Bobby Delcoco$260.662$260.66
Rob Schustrich$210.661$168.661$42.00
Danny Marinelli$176.331$176.33
Xiao Di$161.001$161.00
Brian Smith$157.501$115.501$42.00
Bob Karshner$124.201$124.20
Sam Corabi$115.501$115.50
Eddie Neer$97.751$97.75
Allen Freeman$94.501$94.50
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