2011 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 19 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameJust before noon on Thursday, the Greater Cleveland Skins Game was notified that Madison Country Club was closed, as fairways had been turned into ponds when five inches of rain fell early Thursday morning.

So the game was moved to Fowlers Mill in Chesterland — you know, the site where the tornado hit on Wednesday evening. Just getting to the golf course proved difficult, as several area roads were closed.

But neither tornadoes, wind and rain, nor fallen trees could not stop Mark White from cleaning up on Thursday night at Fowlers!

White captured the only skin of the evening by making a birdie on the difficult 210-yard par-three 3rd hole, worth a whopping $414! White makes a big move on the Leaderboard, jumping him into fourth place.

Birdies were tied on all holes except 1, 4, and 7.

Joe Zabukovec grabbed the pin shot on the 3rd hole and John Niedzialek had the pin shot on the 7th hole, each worth $62.

Only one more week to qualify for the Greater Cleveland Shoot-Out, which will be held Labor Day Monday, September 5th and featuring a $750 1st place payout. Entry forms are now available here. Paid entries are due September 2nd. Participants must have played in six or more Thursday events to be eligible for the Shoot-Out.

Next Thursday, the Greater Cleveland Skins Game moves to Tanglewood National Golf Club in Bainbridge, with play starting at 4:45 p.m.


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Dave Sotka$1,573.228$1,322.224$251.00
Dan Predovic$1,134.687$888.183$246.50
Carl Quercioli$1,063.413$599.915$463.50
Mark White$834.663$708.661$126.00
Mike Angie$572.403$374.904$197.50
Joe Ignat$513.002$425.501$87.50
Mark Borlin$491.502$425.501$66.00
Steve Blackburn Jr$490.055$467.551$22.50
Mark Foss$470.062$302.062$168.00
Steve Blackburn Sr$409.403$409.40
Phil Bojc$357.002$357.00
Joe Zabukovec$329.952$267.951$62.00
Erron Gomez$327.005$327.00
Joey DiDonato$302.952$221.952$81.00
John Niedzialek$282.661$168.662$114.00
Brian Perkins$278.001$230.001$48.00
Bobby Delcoco$260.662$260.66
Paul Kish$228.001$184.001$44.00
Rob Schustrich$210.661$168.661$42.00
Geoff Nicely$190.902$190.90
Danny Marinelli$176.331$176.33
Xiao Di$161.001$161.00
Brian Smith$157.501$115.501$42.00
Bob Karshner$124.201$124.20
Sam Corabi$115.501$115.50
Eddie Neer$97.751$97.75
Allen Freeman$94.501$94.50
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