2011 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 11 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameLast week, Dave Sotka took the lead for the first time this year on the Greater Cleveland Skins Game Money List.

This week, he put an exclamation point on his desire to stay in the top spot and win his second Thompson Cup.

Sotka, the 2007 Skins Game champion, double-dipped for both a skin and the Mulligan’s pin shot on Thursday at Chardon Lakes Golf Course, hitting a five iron to eight feet on the long, uphill par-3 fourth hole and making the putt.

Sotka’s skin earned him $230 and the pin shot $80, so with Thursday’s haul he becomes the first player of the season to crack the four-figure mark in winnings.

Brian Perkins grabbed the only other skin won on the evening, putting his second shot to three feet on the par-4 first hole.

And Carl “Unk” Quercioli nabbed the second pin shot at the par-3 eighth, good for $60.

Next week, the Greater Cleveland Skins Game travels to Fowlers Mill in Chesterland with a 5 p.m. starting time.


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Dave Sotka$1,121.066$946.063$175.00
Dan Predovic$712.235$712.23
Joe Ignat$513.002$425.501$87.50
Mark Borlin$491.502$425.501$66.00
Carl Quercioli$469.501$241.502$228.00
Mark White$294.661$168.661$126.00
Brian Perkins$278.001$230.001$48.00
Joe Zabukovec$267.952$267.95
Bobby Delcoco$260.662$260.66
Erron Gomez$250.003$250.00
Phil Bojc$241.501$241.50
Paul Kish$228.001$184.001$44.00
Mark Foss$209.401$41.402$168.00
Steve Blackburn Jr$188.102$165.601$22.50
Danny Marinelli$176.331$176.33
Rob Schustrich$168.661$168.66
John Niedzialek$168.661$168.66
Xiao Di$161.001$161.00
Joey DiDonato$143.751$143.75
Bob Karshner$124.201$124.20
Mike Angie$104.502$104.50
Allen Freeman$94.501$94.50
Steve Blackburn Sr$41.401$41.40
Geoff Nicely$41.401$41.40
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