2011 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 8 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueThe Executive Directors of the Akron District Golf Association and the Chippewa Scratch League paired up to put a beating on the field at the Chippewa Scratch League on Monday.

Oh yeah, and two guys won a thousand dollar skin on Monday, too.

ADGA Director Tim Davis and Chippewa CEO Kevin Larizza took the top spot in the better ball format on the front nine at Chippewa on Monday, posting a 4-under par 31 to edge out four teams who had finished at 3-under par 32. The twosome cashed in for the first time this season on a golf course set up with a number of tricky hole locations. (Perhaps the pair was inspired by 42-year old Darren Clark beating up on the youngsters in the Open Championship last weekend!)

But the big news of the evening was the whopping $1,060 carryover skin taken by the team of John Kabasky and Howard Weaver with a birdie on the par-4 eighth hole. While it was a tough pin and a swirling putt, a giant skin there was certainly unexpected.

The shared skin is Kabasky’s second of the year and gives him the outright lead in the 2011 League Standings, dethroning Ty Kovach and Allen Freeman for the first time this season. But there is loads of time left…

[SCHEDULE NOTE: next week Monday, July 25th, the skins game and scratch league will both be played at Chippewa at their normal times, negating an earlier rumor to the contrary.]  

2011 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 8, July 18th – Best Ball Front 9
1st – Larizza – Davis 31 $ 260.00 PP $ 200.00 GC
T2nd – Cea – Bell 32 $ 37.50 GC
T2nd – Rybka – Thompson 32 $ 37.50 GC
T2nd – Bryson – Maxwell 32 $ 37.50 GC
T2nd – Simpson – Kravanack 32 $ 37.50 GC

Weaver – Kabasky #8 $ 1,060.00

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