2011 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 5 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueRob Schustrich rolled in three bombs of at least 25 feet each as he and partner Chris Okeson posted a strong 5-under par better ball score of 30 on the front nine at Chippewa Monday.

Their combined solid play was good for a one shot victory over two teams.

The pair also nabbed a skin with a birdie on the par-3 sixth hole, making them big winners for the week and a nice climb up the 2011 Season Standings.

Most of the 2011 league members have paid their outstanding dues (those few who have not, c’mon), so it’s hoped that the weekly gift certificate prize amounts for the season can be calculated before next Monday so as to accurately update the standings. (The list currently shows only pro pot and skins.)

2011 Chippewa Scratch League Week 5, June 13th: Best Ball Front 9
1st ““ Okeson ““ Schustrich 30 $210.00 PP GC-TBD
T 2nd ““ Simpson ““ Kravanack 31 GC-TBD
T 2nd ““ Maxwell ““ Beal 31 GC-TBD

Cea ““ Bell Birdie #5 $146.00
Okeson ““ Schustrich Birdie #6 $146.00
Simpson ““ Kravanack Birdie #8 $146.00

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