Weaver Helps Kabasky Overtake Cea in Final Event of 2011 Chippewa Scratch League Season

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueSomeone near the top of the standings needed to put together a really big final night to overtake the lead Jim Cea had built up for the season in the 2011 Chippewa Scratch League.

Let’s see: a team victory and three skins from a carry-over pot at Rosemont; yup, that qualifies as a really big final night…

John Kabasky and Howard Weaver posted a solid 3-under par score of 55 to beat the aformentioned Jim Cea and partner Ronny Bell by two shots in the 12-hole jumble format at Rosemont Country Club on Monday.

Cea and Bell’s 1-under par second-place effort certainly was a good one, especially given Cea’s position for year going into the final event. And in most circumstances, that second-place finish by Cea would have been good enough to keep hold of the year-long title.

But in addition to the overall win, Kabasky and Weaver also grabbed an astounding three of the six skins won on the evening — from a carry-over pot, no less — netting them a total of $920 from their scramble / better ball / aggregate / alternate shot effort.

Kabasky’s take of $460 for the night against Cea’s $50 share of the second place prize moved Kabasky to the top of the Monday Night League Standings — by a mere $17.25! An incredible way to win a season-long championship.

Weaver ended up in third position on the 2011 standings with his share of the big Rosemont haul, just $34.75 behind Cea for the year.

A total of $17,036.70 was won by all players on the season.

Tim Davis earned shot-of-the-night honors when he holed his second from the fairway on the par-4 5th hole — causing his partner Kevin Larizza to whoop it up enough for the customers at the Giant Eagle to hear.

Results from the last event night at Rosemont below, along with the final 2011 Chippewa Monday Night League Standings after that.

As always, a special thanks to host Kevin Larizza and our unflappable League Director, Eric McKinney, for yet another great Chippewa Scratch League season. The league is a great thing to be a part of, and every player looks forward to competing again in 2012!

2011 Chippewa Scratch League Week 16: Oct 10th – Rosemont 3/3/3/3
1st – Weaver – Kabasky 55 $ 240.00 PP $ 200.00 C
2nd – Cea – Bell 57 $ 100.00 C
T3rd – T. Stiller – Archer 58 $ 25.00 C
T3rd – Larizza – Davis 58 $ 25.00 C

M. Stiller – Leonard #2 $ 160.00
Larizza – Davis #5 $ 160.00
Weaver – Kabasky #6 $ 160.00
Simpson – Krivanek #8 $ 160.00
Weaver – Kabasky #10 $ 160.00
Weaver – Kabasky #17 $ 160.00


PosPlayerCertsCash PotSkinsCash NitesTOTAL
1John Kabasky $120.00$822.00$100.00 $1,042.00
2Jim Cea$239.25$322.50$188.00$275.00 $1,024.75
3Howard Weaver $120.00$770.00$100.00$990.00
4Mike Simpson$181.25$177.50$373.00$75.00$806.75
5Jimmy Krivanek$181.25$177.50$373.00$75.00$806.75
6Chris Okeson$290.50$237.50$224.00 $752.00
7Rob Schrustrich$243.75$215.00$224.00 $682.75
8Ryan Maxwell$281.25$230.00$103.50$25.00$639.75
9Mike Kracker$206.25$110.00$274.00$25.00$615.25
10Rick Bryson$243.75$230.00$103.50$25.00$602.25
11Dave Pulk$62.50$197.50$115.00$225.00$600.00
12Jeff Mallette$168.75$110.00$274.00$25.00$577.75
14Ty Kovach$125.00$120.00$322.00 $567.00
15Al Freeman$125.00$120.00$322.00 $567.00
16Dave Trier$108.00$25.00$333.00 $466.00
17Ron Bell$176.75$125.00$73.00$50.00$424.75
18Sam Spino$200.00$82.50$130.00 $412.50
19Dave Oates$175.00$82.20$130.00 $387.20
20Mike Stiller$133.75$67.50$180.00 $381.25
21Mike Armour$115.00$45.00$190.00 $350.00
22Jason Chadima$115.00$45.00$190.00 $350.00
23Tom Markham$50.00 $280.00 $330.00
24Kevin Larizza$100.00$130.00$80.00$12.50$322.50
25Tim Davis$100.00$130.00$80.00$12.50$322.50
26Jim Niskanen$90.00$60.00$152.00 $302.00
27Jeff Leonard$58.75$22.50$180.00 $261.25
28Tom Thompson$90.00$60.00$100.00 $250.00
29Mark Thomas$27.50$130.00 $75.00$232.50
30Denny Morena$15.00$130.00 $75.00$220.00
31Dave Archer$118.75$67.50 $12.50$198.75
32Drew Thompson$62.50$22.50$105.00 $190.00
33Shane Bishop$58.00$25.00$99.00 $182.00
34Quinn Parker$73.00$25.00$53.00 $151.00
35John Clark$73.00$25.00$53.00 $151.00
36Russ Rybka$18.75 $105.00 $123.75
37Tom Stiller$43.75$22.50 $12.50$78.75
38Mike Hamilton  $57.50 $57.50
39Dave Sattler  $57.50 $57.50
40Pete Skirpstas  $53.00 $53.00
41Chris Helaney  $53.00 $53.00
42Rick Smith  $52.00 $52.00
43John Wheeland  $52.00 $52.00
44Joe Flossie  $52.00 $52.00
45Bob Cornelious  $52.00 $52.00
48Ross Beal$50.00   $50.00
51Jim Grosso  $46.00 $46.00
52Armon$37.50   $37.50
53Kurt Peterson$25.00   $25.00
54Dave Gooda$25.00   $25.00
55Bob Spino$25.00   $25.00
56Jeff Congini$18.75   $18.75
57Schulte$18.75   $18.75
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