2011 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 14 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueThanks to some great play, some solid help from partner Dave Pulk, and perhaps some senior tee locations that were a bit more generous at Rosemont than they should have been (controversy!), Jim Cea takes the first big lead in the 2011 Chippewa League Standings.

But the red-hot duo of Mike Simpson and Jim Krivanek are right on Cea’s heels.

The Cea/Pulk team and the Simpson/Krivanek team tied for first place at Rosemont Monday in the 12-hole 3/3/3/3 format (scramble, better ball, aggregate, alternate shot), with each team earning $285 on the evening for their 4-under par scores.

That puts Cea into the lead at just under $975 on the season, while Simpson/Krivanek’s back-to-back winning finishes vault them into T-3 with just over $700 each for the year.

Chris Okeson sits alone in second place, with Okeson’s partner Rob Schustrich in fifth (shouldn’t have taken that week off, Rob).

David Trier and partner Tom Markham made a big jump as Trier holed out his third shot at the par-5 18th from 50 yards to nab the only skin on the evening, worth $560. That’s a boost up the board, too.

With the close bunching of players and just a few more weeks to go, the top spot on the 2011 Chippewa League Standings is still up for grabs. Should be fun!

Note that there is no league play next Monday, September 5th because of the Labor Day holiday. League will resume Monday, September 12th.

Chippewa Scratch League Week 14, August 29th: Rosemont 12 Cash Night
T1st – Cea – Pulk 55 $285
T1st – Simpson – Krivanek 55 $285
T3rd – Mallette – Kracker 57 $50*
T3rd – VanNostram – Merrow 57
T3rd – T. Stiller – Archer 57
* – Scorecard Playoff

Markham – Trier #18 (eagle 3) $560.00

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