2010 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 9 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameThe Greater Cleveland Skins game traveled to Quail Hollow Country Club in Concord on Thursday, and a sizeable field of twenty nine players participated on a beautiful night for golf.

At the end of the evening, two of the 29 were all smiles: Eddie Neer and Geoff Nicely.

Nicely, of Concord Township, waited nine weeks to get on the 2010 leaderboard, but he found some “home cooking” at his old home course by making a birdie skin on the tough 194-yard par-3 sixth hole, cashing in with a pin shot there as well. Nicely took home $304.50 for his skin and $87 for the pin shot.

Eddie Neer climbed up the leaderboard by knocking his second shot from 245-yards away on the par-5 fifth hole to just six feet, making the putt for eagle to win the other skin on the night. Neer passes defending champion Steve Blackburn Jr. and moves into third place for the season.

Tom Evans and Mark Julius still hold onto the top two spots on the leaderboard.

2009 Greater Cleveland Skins Game runner up Mike Angie also made his way onto the 2010 leaderboard for the first time this year with a pin shot on the 195 yard par-3 9th hole. (Unfortunately, his birdie there was canceled by Mike Lynch.) The other pin shot winner on the night was Allen Freeman with an solid shot on the 132-yard fourth hole to ten feet.

Next week Thursday, June 24th is the first of three “Double Down” events of the year, to be held at Chardon Lakes Golf Course starting at 5 p.m. The stakes will be doubled to $60 for this event, but please note: next week’s participants must have played at least two times or more on a Thursday night to be eligible.


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Tom Evans$837.002$690.002$147.00
Mark Julius$803.602$579.603$224.00
Eddie Neer$789.854$705.851$84.00
Steve Blackburn Jr$490.333$406.331$84.00
Dave Sotka$397.752$327.751$70.00
Geoff Nicely$391.501$304.501$87.00
Bob Karshner$272.932$272.93
Allen Freeman$230.751$143.751$87.00
Mark Foss$225.502$138.001$87.50
Paul Kish$222.001$138.001$84.00
Mark Kovacic$210.601$119.601$91.00
Brian Perkins$207.003$207.00
Dale Thompson$184.001$184.00
Brian Pentek$161.002$161.00
Ron Carimi$153.331$153.33
Steve Blackburn Sr$143.751$143.75
Kyle Huss$138.001$138.00
Dave Smith$119.601$119.60
John Niedzialek$87.501$87.50
Mike Angie$87.001$87.00
Nick Anagnost$84.001$84.00
Rob Shustrich$63.001$63.00
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