2010 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 25 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameJoe Zabukovec from Mayfield Heights waited all year to get his name on the 2010 Greater Cleveland Skins Game leaderboard.

He accomplished that task in fine fashion at Fowlers Mill Golf Course in Chesterland on Thursday,  grabbing half the skin pot and a pin shot.

Known by players as Joe Z, Joe canned a 7-foot putt on the par-4 ninth hole to earn a $207 skin.

Geoff Nicely played his last golf of 2010, but he ended his season on a high note. Nicely earned the only other skin on the evening, making birdie on the signature par-4 fourth hole by hitting his second shot 3-feet from the hole. Nicely will have knee replacement surgery later this week and we all wish him luck in returning in 2011.

Paul Kish hit it to 15-feet on the difficult par-3 third hole to win a pin shot there, and Joe Z grabbed the other pin shot on the 7th hole. Pin shots paid $63.

Next Thursday, October 14th the Thompson Cup will be awarded to the champion as the final event of 2010 will be held at Powderhorn Golf Course in Madison starting at 4:15 pm.

Eddie Neer has the lead and is hoping to capture his first ever Greater Cleveland Skins Game title. The chase is not over, however, as next week will also be a “Double Down” event where the stakes are doubled and players can make big moves to try to catch Neer. The Mulligans Cup will also be awarded next Thursday thanks to the generous donation by Mulligans Pub.

Players are reminded that they must have participated in six or more skins game events to participate in next week’s grand finale at Powderhorn. Players will be paired in leaderboard order next week, so a dramatic finish a real possibility.


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Eddie Neer$1,787.8710$1,416.874$371.00
Mark Julius$1,300.094$1,016.594$283.50
Steve Blackburn Jr$1,212.166$977.164$235.00
Dave Sotka$1,187.577$1,054.572$133.00
Geoff Nicely$1,181.704$716.208$465.50
Tom Evans$837.002$690.002$147.00
Mark Foss$668.995$481.494$187.50
Joe DiDonato$651.663$651.66
Phil Bojc$628.663$628.66
Bob Karshner$540.433$399.432$141.00
Rob Skebe$481.001$138.002$343.00
Brian Pentek$455.332$245.333$210.00
Carl Quercioli$453.864$453.86
Vince Busa$444.501$241.502$203.00
Steve Blackburn Sr$409.784$409.78
Brian Perkins$337.334$337.33
Mike Angie$330.331$130.333$200.00
Paul Kish$285.001$138.002$147.00
Joe Zabukovec$270.001$207.001$63.00
Mark Kovacic$246.601$119.602$127.00
Allen Freeman$230.751$143.751$87.00
Jack Vanadia$203.501$126.501$77.00
John Niedzialek$202.502$115.001$87.50
Dale Thompson$184.001$184.00
Ron Carimi$153.331$153.33
Kyle Huss$138.001$138.00
Dan Lanese$126.661$126.66
Mike Lynch$126.501$126.50
Dave Smith$119.601$119.60
Rob Shustrich$112.002$112.00
Sam Corabi$105.001$105.00
Mike Sizler$101.201$101.20
Nick Anagnost$84.001$84.00
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