Sotka Keeps Cleveland Am Lead With Second 71

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Pete Skirpstas
Pete Skirpstas of Medina posted a 68 on Cleveland Am Saturday for the low round of the day.

Dave SotkaDave Sotka of Chardon backed up his first round 71 with a second one, maintaining a one shot lead in the 2010 Cleveland Amateur Golf Championship at Manakiki after Saturday.

But with a slightly friendlier golf course setup on this second day of play, a handful of guys posted under par rounds to put some heat on Sotka.

Two-time Cleveland Am champion Brad Steven of Concord shot a 3-under par 69 on Saturday to get to 1-under par after 36 holes, while Mark Belasic of Mentor followed up yesterday’s even par round with a 1-under 71 today to sit at 1-under total.

Pete Skirpstas of Medina posted the low round of the day, shooting a smooth 34-34 for a 4-under par 68 to get to even par for the championship and just two shots back of Sotka.

Doug Barber also posted 1-under par 71 and sits at 1-over par for the tournament, very much within striking distance.

Jim StultsAnd in a real hot streak that shows what’s possible in tomorrow’s final round, Jim Stults of Seven Hills (left) made six birdies in a row from holes 11 – 16 to shoot a scorching 30 on the back nine at Manakiki.

Sunday’s final round should be quite a shoot-out!

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Cleveland Amateur Golf ChampionshipsROUND 2 RESULTS: 2010 Greater Cleveland Amateur Golf Championship
Saturday, August 7th, 2010
Manakiki Golf Course
Willoughby Hills, Ohio
Par 72

1Sotka, David7171142
2Steven, Brad7469143
2Belasic, Mark7271143
4Skirpstas, Pete7668144
5Barber, Doug7471145
6Glassman, Zach7472146
7Furlong, John7572147
7Brick, Norton7275147
9Griffith, David7672148
9Palladino, Nick7672148
9Oyster, John7474148
12Zucker, Joe7673149
13Blackburn, Steve Jr.7377150
14Keshock, Alan7873151
14Oslie, Kory7675151
14Skufca, Tim7576151
14Tarter, Nathan7576151
18Stults, Jim8369152
18Heran, Scott8171152
18Saari, Scott7874152
18Guest, Monty7676152
18Meade, Ryan7676152
23Grasso, Mike7974153
23Freeman, Allen7677153
23Smith, Brian7578153
23Stover, David7479153
27Predovic, Dan7579154
27Iosue, John7480154
27Timmons, Matt7480154
30Wien, David8372155
30Schaefer, Jim8174155
30Yaccovazzi, Anthony8174155
30Zabukovec, Joe8174155
30Jackson, Kevin8075155
30Lahnan, Larry7877155
36Latsko, Phil7878156
37Rudy, Ben8770157
37Borlin, Mark8374157
37Thompson, Drew8275157
37Di Palma, Alex8176157
37Hahn, Tim8176157
37Scala, Sam7978157
37Ciccarello, Mark7483157
– –CUT TO LOW 40– –– –– –
44Fried, Marc8375158
44Rao, Ryan8177158
44Chaski, Dan7979158
47Evans, Tom8277159
47Osterfeld, Will7881159
49Foss, Mark8278160
49Topeka, John8080160
49Slabaugh, Cary7981160
52Elber, Jack8477161
52Prokop, Ray8378161
52Yeo, Bryan7982161
55Van De Motter, Brian8577162
55Bailey, Andrew8478162
57Davis, Chris8875163
57Riemer, Jonathan8578163
59Perry, Jim8777164
60Kreider, Matthew8679165
60Blackburn, Steve Sr.8580165
60Miller, Jerry8481165
60Andrews, Michael8085165
64Mintz, Michael8185166
65Bedell, Steve8582167
66Clum, Mike8781168
66Cobb, Kyle8484168
66Steinlage, Matt8484168
66Hach, Mark8286168
70Holmes, Collin8683169
70Manuel, Greg8584169
70Berkheimer, Dennis8485169
70Crider, Randy7990169
74Scott, Chinnawatt9281173
75Russell, Larry9184175
76Flory, Kyle9583178
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