2010 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 9 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueJason Chadima provided a huge save to his team on Monday. In the alternate shot portion of the 12-hole “jumble” format, Chadima chipped in for par after taking a drop from the hazard on the par-3 17th hole, securing a win for himself and his partner Mike Armour on Cash Night at Rosemont.

Chadima’s par-saving chip-in from 20 yards allowed the pair to hold onto a one-shot victory, finishing with a 3-under par score of 55 to best the runner-up teams of Doug VanNostram & Rick Merrow and Darren Phipps & Mark Thomas.

2010 Chippewa Scratch League Money List leaders Mike Kracker and Dr. Jeff Mallette added to their already big pile of winnings on the season, stealing a skin on the 136-yard downhill par-3 4th hole with a birdie. Updated leaderboard here.

Thanks again to Kevin Larizza and his crew for the fantastic meal that followed play. Top of the line as always; very tasty! A touch that separates the Chippewa Scratch League from every other event series…

Chippewa Scratch League Week 9 – July 12th: Rosemont 12-Hole Jumble
1st – Armour – Chadima     55     $450 PP
T2nd – Thomas – Phipps     56     $75 PP
T2nd – VanNostram – Merrow     56     $75 PP

Mallette – Kracker     #4     $250
Grosso – Bishop     #17     $250

Sr.  Skins
Cea – Pulk     #1 #8     $24
VanNostram – Merrow     #2 #5     $24
Larizza – Davis     #10     $12

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